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Your support is essential to us. We’re committed to making sure that your participation in EPIC24 is both meaningful and within your budget constraints. In response to ‘23 Annual Meeting sponsor feedback, we are thrilled to introduce our new sponsorship model, which allows sponsors to create a unique sponsorship package program that aligns perfectly with their goals and budget. 

We understand that every organization may have varying financial resources so we’re offering a wide range of sponsorship levels to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a prominent presence or a more modest level of involvement, our sponsorship options can be tailored to suit your financial capacity and exposure goals. 

Benefits Of Customization 

Tailored ROI  

With the ability to choose precisely where your sponsorship dollars go, you can ensure a more significant return on investment.  

Alignment with Objectives  

Every organization has different goals and objectives when attending a conference.  Customization allows you to choose sponsorship opportunities so that they align with your specific marketing and branding objectives.  

Budget Flexibility 

Whether your budget is modest or substantial, you can find a sponsorship combination that suits your financial capacity. 


Build Your Sponsorship Package 

Customize your sponsorship by selecting specific elements or benefits that align with your marketing and branding goals.  

These elements may include:  

  • Branding Opportunities: Choose where and how your brand will be featured at our event and within our organization.  
  • Advertising and Promotion: Tailor your advertising efforts through options such as social media mentions, email marketing campaigns, and/or exclusive website content placement.  
  • VIP Experiences: Select exclusive access and VIP experiences that resonate with your target audience.  
  • Event Activation: Opt for on-site activities and booth space to engage directly with event attendees.  
  • Education: Spread your knowledge with our members and show your support of their education goals. 

Determine Your Investment 

As you select elements to include in your customized sponsorship, the system will calculate your total investment. 

Your Recognized Sponsorship Level 

Your sponsorship level will be determined by the total value of your investments based on the following sponsorship chart. When you have reached or exceeded a sponsorship level dollar threshold, you will be recognized as that level sponsor.