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Turning Pro: Leading in a Fast-Changing World

Turning Pro is a catalyst that equips leaders to navigate change by engaging both the head and heart in elevating personal and organizational performance. Turning Pro empowers more self-leadership at all levels of the organization, creating winning attitudes, confidence, and extraordinary belief systems that generate consistent winning results.

Turning Pro allows people to respond with action now, not later, ignited by a deeply felt determination to make something happen. Turning Pro is acting with purpose, intent, and focus every day. It’s about tackling challenges essential to success or survival, winning or losing. Turning Pro will produce results in your people you very much want, and the world very much needs.

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About Tom Flick

With his unique gift to connect with the listener’s head and heart, leadership expert and former NFL quarterback, Tom Flick is one of the most sought-after leadership speakers today. With passion,  authority, and authenticity, Tom delivers keynotes aimed at the heart—where real change occurs.  

For the past 25 years, Tom has worked with the world’s most innovative and dynamic organizations, including Microsoft, Ford, NASA, Starbucks, Nationwide, Under Armour, American Express, Amazon, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, to lead and navigate change in a rapidly fluctuating and highly competitive world.  

Tom draws on his extensive work in corporate America, his association with Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard School of Business, Dr. John Kotter, and his exceptional talent as a deft storyteller to help organizations develop leaders, lead change effectively, and increase individual, team, and organizational performance.  

Tom has garnered a reputation for customizing compelling, engaging presentations based on each organization’s needs and desired outcomes to ensure measurable takeaways. Tom’s exceptional ability to communicate clear business solutions with humor, wit, and razor-sharp insight is why he is in such high demand.