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Digital LED Technology Creates Traveler-centric Experience

A blog post by Daktronics, Inc.

Automation and technology are on the rise in today’s airports. Travelers want more from their travel experiences, from real-time wayfinding to eye-catching entertainment.

Airports are using indoor and outdoor LED video display technology to create immersive experiences and establish a sense of place as they blend information and entertainment – creating engaging “infotainment – at every step.

Immersive Passenger Experiences

It’s not just about the destination anymore. Airports need to provide travelers with more engaging experiences, and many are incorporating custom direct-view LED displays with immersive content to create iconic digital sculptures. New technology and artificial intelligence are creating digital art out of data and generative content that is never the same twice.



Generative and forced perspective content can engage customers in new ways, providing an experience that appears to leave the boundary of the display.
Content by Refik Anadol.


While LED displays can stand alone as a landmark, airports can also use them to create a canvas on nearly any surface. Integrating the technology into architectural design structures can add beauty and elegance in strategic spaces. This engages customers, providing a welcome distraction during stressful moments such as long lines.


The 72-foot, four-sided clock tower is the iconic centerpiece at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. The airport exhibits artistic imagery and compelling advertising on a display that looks incredible at a resolution well beyond 4K.

Increased Automation Technology


As airports maximize existing infrastructure and create a frictionless journey for travelers, automation and self-serve systems continue to grow in popularity. Processes such as self-service bag drops and biometric boarding offer less human interaction; however, large format video displays allow airports to maintain engagement with their customers and reinforce their brand identities.
Wayfinding displays with data automation allow for real-time updates, keeping travelers informed and able to adapt plans quickly to minimize travel frustrations. With large format digital display technology, airports can reduce visual clutter while providing essential wayfinding and self-service instructions.


Denver International Airport features LED displays as part of their state-of-the-art baggage handling system, which has decreased the average passenger transaction time by nearly 50 percent.*



LED displays behind the ticketing counter provide flexibility. With ongoing investment in common use systems, from ticketing to boarding, airports can easily change content to allow different airlines to use any counter.

Create a Positive Experience for Travelers

Airports can be more than a transportation hub. The effective use of large format LED video display technology can provide a flexible and efficient facility, create a consistent sense of place and enhance the traveler experience.

Discover more at daktronics.com/DAKairports.

* Denver International Airport Collaborates with Materna IPS on US’ Largest Self-Bag Drop Installation – Airport Technology (airport-technology.com)