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Navigating the Skies Together

A blog post by Mead & Hunt, Inc.

As the newness of 2024 fades into routine, the nation’s airport system continues to evolve, accompanied by an industry brimming with professionals seeking growth, security, and resilience with each takeoff. Large airport giants may find themselves on the cutting edge of universal design and technology while others may find themselves following the breadcrumbs of recent years past to see that their airport is keeping runway safety a top priority. When aviation professionals from all avenues convene, it is imperative to address technical topics that affect us all, be it in distinctive ways, within a setting that allows for collaboration and knowledge sharing across roles, disciplines, and geography. Mead & Hunt looks forward to having three of our subject matter experts, Anita Cobb, Chris Reis, PE, and Stephanie Ward, AICP, join other industry leaders as speakers at this year’s AAAE/ACC Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium. As a prelude to their respective sessions, each has shared a snippet of their focal points and what they hope attendees will gain from the collaborative discussion.

Sustainable Culture Change for a More Diverse and Inclusive Aviation Industry

As air travel and logistics become more accessible than ever, industry innovative ideas must reflect the diversity of the global population to better cater to the needs of a diverse customer base. To coincide with this expansion, the aviation workforce must transform to bring a wider range of perspectives and experiences to the forefront. Diversifying the workforce not only provides opportunities for underrepresented groups but also enhances safety and efficiency in operations, as different backgrounds and mindsets can lead to improved risk assessments and problem-solving capabilities. For future professionals to join industry, current leaders must nurture strategies that support inclusivity, working together to create an atmosphere of successful methodologies to evoke a cultural change in the industry’s workforce. Anita Cobb | Panelist | Sustainable Culture Change for a More Diverse & Inclusive Aviation Industry

Safety and Risk Management – Lessons Learned

When working in an airport setting, safety should come first, always, and last. Staff members from airports, consulting firms, and the FAA will come together in this session to talk about Safety Management System (SMS) development and divulge lessons learned from implementing the new standards from Advisory Circular 5200-37A. As the construction season approaches for those in cooler climates, ways to evaluate and improve Construction Safety and Phasing Plans (CSPPs) should be top of mind for airports as well and will follow as a discussion point. Chris Reis, PE | Moderator | Safety & Risk Management - Lessons Learned

Runways to Real Estate

The recent release of ACRP Report 259: Methods to Manage Tree Growth Near Airports, gives airports a prime opportunity to examine their obstruction management and vegetation control plans. Report 259 covers airport considerations, mitigation strategies, and data collection methods for managing tree growth on and near airport property. Working hand in hand with obstruction management, conversations regarding compatible land use must be had to prevent encroachment of future incompatible developments and potentially create additional airport revenue streams, such as land leases for solar farms, crops, research, and recreation. Stephanie Ward, AICP | Panelist | Runways to Real Estate