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2024 Engineering/Airside Track Highlights

Humans are complex. Even more so, the technology we create is complex. Our ever-changing environment requires us to be relevant and connected to these technologies; as our industry grows, boosting our knowledge on these new materials, methods, and tools is the key to our success. This year's Engineering/Airside track will take a deep dive into these materials, methods, and tools, and ensure the growth of our knowledge.

Achieving ISI Envision Project Certification – The Sustainability Movement

We’ve all heard the buzzword “sustainability," but what does that really mean? In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This session is aimed at understanding the need for sustainability and the different ways to achieve it. The discussion will include the perspective of the Envision CEO, consultants, and airports who have achieved Envision Project Certification and affected our present needs without being detrimental to future generations.

PFAS & Other Contaminates – Water Quality Updates

This session will discuss essentials that are crucial for success when performing site work near airports – the identification of water contaminates, the technical implications of those contaminates, and how to mitigate those contaminates. Our focus will be the engineering decisions involved with contaminants on a project site.

Safety and Risk Management – Lessons Learned

Aviation and construction are both inherently dangerous industries where safety is paramount. This session will cover Safety Management Systems at airports of all sizes with emphasis on non-hub and Part 139 General Aviation Airports. Panelists will share lessons learned to help you further develop an effective system at your airport. In addition, the expansion and improvement of Construction Safety and Phasing Plans and documents will be discussed.

Airfield Rehabilitation – Materials & Techniques

In our ever-changing world, innovation is the key to our growth. The airfield rehabilitation session will focus on new materials and techniques that have pushed the growth of our industry. We’ll talk about industry trends and new ways to meet your design criteria.

AAM for Airfield Engineers

As we move forward in this innovative period in history, new technologies drive the demand for better infrastructure every day. Advanced Air Mobility is a hot topic in our industry, especially considering the upcoming showcase at the Paris Olympics. In this session, we’ll discuss the policy and infrastructure challenges related to these innovative technologies.

On behalf of AAAE and ACC, and the 2024 Engineering/Airside Track, we look forward to seeing you in March!

Curtis Brown

Danielle Tabb

Curtis Brown, P.E.
Engineering/Airside Track Host
Senior Project Manager

Danielle Tabb
Young Professional Engineering/Airside Track Host
Project Manager