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PM/CM Track Highlights

As we stand at the threshold of transformative changes in the aviation sector, your presence at the 2024 AAAE/ACC Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium, to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from March 5-7, is not just an invitation; it's a call to shape the future of our industry. We will delve into the key themes of project management/construction management (PM/CM) and facilitate exciting discussions on all aspects of delivering successful capital projects at this paramount event. There is a pivotal moment approaching – an opportunity for leaders like yourself to converge, share insights, and chart the course for the future. We extend a warm invitation to join us, where the aviation community will gather to explore the latest trends, collaborate on groundbreaking ideas, and propel the industry to new heights.

Integration Done Right - The Design-Builder’s Guide to Aviation Design Management

In 2014, the Charles Pankow Foundation released v2.0 of the Professional’s Guide to Managing the Design Phase of a Design-Build Project, a resource to assist design-builders with the design management process. However, much has changed in the industry since this groundbreaking resource was published. Over the last two years, a group of subject matter experts in design-build delivery from around the U.S. and various market sectors, met to rethink and revitalize this important publication and this session will bring it all together.

The Efficiencies of a GMP

The panel discussion will be a journey through a GMP project lifecycle and efficiencies. The panelists will share past experiences and insights on how GMP procurement enabled efficiencies, collaboration, and creativity.

Below are examples of efficiencies that will be discussed by the panelists.
  • Procurement & Contracting Efficiencies
  • Efficiencies in financial risk for airports (Bonding & Funding)
  • Collaboration efficiencies
  • Early procurement efficiencies
  • Preconstruction/Design evolution efficiencies
  • Budget efficiencies
  • Construction Management Efficiencies
  • Financial efficiencies (Savings shared and their redeployment capabilities)
  • Change management efficiencies (Collaborative approach)
  • Project activation efficiencies (Minimized Operational impact)
  • Efficiencies with the unknowns (buildouts or undefined scopes during contracting)

It's a Seller's Market Out There - How to Get the Best Team for Your Project

Procurement can often be an afterthought, but it can be a critical step to the foundation for a great project. Delve into strategies that transform procurement from an afterthought to a cornerstone, enhancing project appeal for firms, empowering owners with informed decisions, and fostering a positive experience for all participants, and winners, and making even the losers feel like it was a good process. Join us to revolutionize your approach to procurement and lay the groundwork for exceptional projects.

Lessons Learned – Designing, Implementing, and Constructing a New Terminal

Gain invaluable insights from key players in the industry, including airports, designers, and executive project managers. This immersive session is designed to provide a holistic view of large terminal projects, guiding participants through every stage from initial design concepts to the triumphant completion. 
Explore firsthand accounts and behind-the-scenes perspectives as industry experts share their experiences, challenges, and successes encountered in the dynamic realm of terminal development. This workshop offers practical lessons learned from real-life capital programs. Participants will not only witness the evolution of a project, but will also uncover the intricacies of decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation that shape the trajectory of these monumental endeavors.

Exploring Innovations and Best Practices of ORAT Programs for Airport Infrastructure

Ever wonder what our projects would look like with a fully digital workflow through the entire lifecycle of the project, from project setup to the Day One Operation? Adding additional elements to cater to actual challenges in projects: Utilizing advanced data analytics and predictive modeling tools helps in forecasting passenger flows, baggage handling, and other operational aspects. Implementing cloud-based collaboration platforms facilitates real-time communication and coordination among all stakeholders involved in ORAT. Developing mobile applications for airport staff, airlines, and other key stakeholders provides instant access to important information, updates, and task assignments.

On behalf of AAAE and ACC, and the 2024 PM/CM Track, we look forward to seeing you in March!

Melvin Price

Annabelle Tran

Melvin Price, C.M., MBA
PM/CM Track Host
Senior Associate Principal - ORAT Practice Lead

Annabelle Tran
Young Professional PM/CM Track Host
Project Manager