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Plenary Blog

Plenary 1 - An Olympic-sized Challenge: Airport Investment and Testing Emerging Technologies via World Events

Global events such as the Olympic Games often bring challenges and investment for host city airports associated with high traffic volumes, multiple layers of additional security, and the logistics of moving participants, fans, equipment, and services between multiple modes of transportation. As we are reminded of the 2022 Winter Olympics investment in light rail between downtown and the airport here in Salt Lake City, let's look ahead to both the Paris '24 and Los Angeles '28 Olympic preparations.
This plenary session will discuss investments to reduce congestion and provide efficient transport within terminal areas, as well as emerging technologies, such as Advanced Air Mobility, to be used as a test bed for the future. Renaud Duplay and Joël Couillandeau from Groupe ADP/Merchant Aviation, as well as Terri Mestas and Hans Thilenius from Los Angeles World Airports, will discuss these issues. The panel is hosted by Matt Needham from HOK, who designed the new Salt Lake City Airport.
Carrie Shaeffer
Carrie Shaeffer
Symposium Committee Chair
VP, National Director for Aviation

Plenary 2 - The Future Is NOW: AI's Takeoff in Airports

From enhancing operational efficiency to elevating passenger experiences, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize the way airports function. As the aviation landscape evolves, this session aims to provide valuable insights into leveraging AI technologies for improved decision-making, resource allocation, enhanced customer service, and overall operational excellence in the dynamic world of airports. Moderated by Faith Varwig of Faith Group LLC, panelists will explore the cutting-edge possibilities of integrating AI into airport infrastructure and operations in this thought-provoking session. This group of expert panelists range from policymakers to tech leaders and aviation consultants.
Chris Spaulding
Chris Spaulding, C.M.
Symposium Vice Chair
Senior Aviation Consultant